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My 2nth Birthday was a blast.  A blast of food and bad weather but all in all okay nonetheless.  For dinner, we decided to eat out at Hana.  Hana is one of the few restaurants in Little Tokyo located in Pasong Tamo, Makati.  Little Tokyo has been famous for being one of the best places in Manila that serves authentic Japanese food.  The place also has this ambiance that resembles a bit part of Tokyo thus the name Little Tokyo.  It’s not that hard to find given that you know the tos and froms in Makati.  You may read more about how to get there here.

Hana serves the BEST Takoyaki (IMO, or maybe for most people) in town.  Of all the Takoyakis I’ve eaten, this so far is the bomb.

Hana's Takoyaki - P120/6 pcs

We ordered a bunch to fill our Japanese food cravings and we can’t go by without ordering Sushi of course.

Hana's California Maki

And the night passes by as well as the yummy, savory, scrumptious food.  We also had a little seafood just to make the experience complete.

Hana's Ebi Gyoza

You’ll never go wrong with Tuna Salad and Yakisoba.

Hana's Spicy Tuna Salad

Hana's Yakisoba

To top it all off, we had some Beef Gyudon and Pork Shougayaki together with a deliciously cooked Crab Chahan.

Hana's Buta Shogayaki

Oh, the pleasures of birthdays and good (scratch that) amazing food.  Hana has definitely given justice to one of Asia’s pride in gastronomy.  Given that their food fits a good budget, it’s an all worth it experience.

See you again soon, HANA!

*visit Hana inside Little Tokyo in Pasong Tamo Makati