WOFEX 2011

Last August 3-6 2011 marked the biggest and grandest food fair of the year, the 2011 World Food Expo which was held back to back in the World Trade Center and the SMX Convention Center both in Pasay City.  Tons of foodies and exhibitors gathered for this fun-filled and burp-tastic event.  The event was of course a success as it showcased the most number of visitors, exhibitors, and sales generated.

What caught my eye here was the baking exhibit that most of the traders showed.  It’s really amazing how talented these people are.  First we noticed a confectionery store that not only sell the best baking needs but also have the best cake makers/decorators.  Here are some of the on-the spot creations that they did that day.  (please excuse the low res photos as I only used my old phone to take shots)

Butter Cream Birthday Cake

This one is truly remarkable as he was able to make an accurate replica of a dragon using just plain vanilla cream cake topper .

This would be perfect for Chinese New Year!

Other booths also offered baking/cooking classes at discounted prices.  I must admit, those classes are very expensive!  But I do wish to be able to take one in the future which will take much dedication to saving money (uh-oh!).  Just imagine being able to make these artistic confections on your own.

Cute Fondant Cake 🙂

They have lollipop cakes too!

Lots of other businesses of different varieties were also able to share their products to consumers and co-traders.  At the SMX Convention Center, there was a wedding cake exhibit/competition, and a bar tending competition, and of course the 2011 Philippine Culinary Cup.  The wedding cakes were just amaaazing!  This indeed was a well-worth it experience and I can’t wait to do this again. 🙂

I’ll be sure to make up for the lack of photos (so sorry!) on the next WOFEX happening this year.  Check this link out for more details and to register.  Hope to see you guys there!

2 responses to “WOFEX 2011

  1. I was at this expo too! but I didnt see the amazing cakes.. 😦
    Nice photos!

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