Sunday with Sumo Sam

We love Japanese Food, LOVE!  It might not come as a mystery since I’ve posted a few entries before on Japanese food here, and here.  We do tend to compare new-found restaurants to those that we have had the chance of experiencing before.  Some of them we like, some we don’t like (and sometimes hate.. 😦), some are just ok, and some we loooove!  A few weeks ago, we tried out Sumo Sam in Greenbelt 3 because we have been wanting to find out if the food is good or not.

Before I jump into my verdict, let me tell you more about lunch that Sunday.  We were pretty early for lunch that day so we were sort of the first customers.  It was different than the Rockwell branch which is full most of the time.  The place looks a bit enticing, with mirrors all over, quite comfy seats, and dim lighting.  Service was fine but we got our food after 30 or so minutes which is a bit long considering we were the first and only customers at that time.  The food nonetheless was good (from the name itself, Sumo Sam is a mix of Japanese and American food).

We had Gyudon..

The sauce in itself was OK, nothing extra special.  It tastes like any other good Gyudon that I’ve tasted before and it has tons of rice (wasn’t able to finish this one up, too bad).

..and Grilled Teriyaki Salmon

This was really good.  The salmon was grilled to perfection and the Teriyaki sauce complimented it very well.  It’s quite small in proportion but that’s alright considering it tastes this good.  We paired this one with their special Garlic Rice. Yum!

All in all, the experience was fair enough.  We were satisfied with what we ate and the service provided by their crew.  Value for money is not that good since it’s kind of expensive.  It’s way cheaper (and sulit!) in other authentic Japanese Restaurants where they serve the best rendition of Japanese cuisine.  I can say that I’ll go back to this restaurant again, but not anytime soon. 🙂

Sumo Sam Branches:
Power Plant Mall (02) 729-6292
Shangri-la Plaza Mall (02) 637-5704
Trinoma Mall (02) 901-3262
ABS-CBN (02) 623-7255
Greenbelt 3 (0947) 357-4348
Greenhills Town Center (02) 895-7532

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