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Seafood Island Boodle Fun!

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about eating on banana leaves?  For Filipinos, it would be wow, SARAP (delicious)!  As an old yet well-loved Filipino tradition, eating on banana leaves has been one of the best ways to enjoy our scrumptious native dishes.  May it be on the beach, on a hike trip, a picnic, or any other group gathering, eating on banana leaves is truly the BEST!  A great idea that Blackbeard’s Seafood Island has adopted into their famous line of seafood restaurants.

Blackbeard’s showcases the love for Filipino food in their Seafood Grill/Barbecue House and their Northshore Grill.  My favorite will have to be the Northshore Grill as it boasts of an amazing collection of ‘Boodle‘ Feasts featuring the best combinations of Filipino dishes.  Looks enticing right?  What you’re looking at is called the Kanyaman Boodle Feast and it consists of the following:

Pork Tocino (Sweetened Cured Pork), Steamed Shrimps, Salted Egg with Tomatoes, Kare-kareng Gulay (Vegetable in Sate Sauce) with Crispy Lechon Kawali (Deep Fried Pork Belly), Crispy Fried Hito (Catfish), Pork Sisig, Ensalatang Mangga (Green Mango Salad), and Tons of Plain Rice.

Shrimps, Pork Tocino, Egg, and RICE!

Kare Kare with Crispy Pork Belly

Fried Hito (Catfish)

Pork Sisig Kapampangan (Pampanga Style)

Now that’s what you call a FEAST!  What we ordered was good for 5-6 Persons and it costs only 1,250 Pesos.  What a good catch!   The best way to go is to eat with your hands (all the way Pinoy!) but since you’re served with utensils then there’s nothing wrong if you want to stay clean and hygienic.

Seafood Island also has this pirate-y theme and a cozy interior to get your appetite kickin!

They also have such a bubbly menu with lots and lots of mouth watering dishes to choose from.  Take time to weigh in your decisions when you’re choosing the best Boodle Feast for you and your friends or family.  Trust me, you have too many choices and everything looks so good!

We dropped by their Greenbelt 3 Branch which was quite new and the staff were super friendly.  You may locate their other branches here.  Value for money was absolutely good because you can save a lot when you go for group sharing meals especially when you’re with friends and family.   Two thumbs up! 🙂

Blackbeard’s Seafood Island is owned and managed by the Red Crab Group of Restaurants.  Be on the know of their updates and promos via their Facebook Page.

Happy Boodle Feastin’!! (..and don’t forget to share your own Boodle experience 🙂)

Crave Rave : Very Strawberry

Nothing much to say here and just ogle at the sight of this..

Strawberries are in season and it made this combination to die for.  I just can’t get enough!

At 190 Pesos, you won’t go wrong (as I always say :)).

You can have the Very Strawberry Ice Cream at Strawberries & Ice Cream – Filling Station, Camp John Hay.

Side Trip : Puerto Galera

I’ve recently been back from an impromptu trip to the south over the weekend and I must say that it was worth the 2 days break.  The beaches of Puerto Galera are well known in the Philippines especially to Manilenos as this is one of the White Sand beaches closest to Manila.  It took us only a total of 4 hours travel time, 2 hours by land/bus, 2 hours by boat.  This beach has been overrated since I can remember because of it’s widely commercialized status.  Many just flock over to experience nightlife, the beach, the nature tour, and of course, the food which can all be achieved in less than 3 days.  This is my first time here since I’ve always preferred Boracay over any white beach and I must say, not bad.

I took this photo atop the steps to our mini hotel room.  The view was spectacular and very relaxing.  Kudos to my friend who picked the place as not many people go to this far end of the beach hence it’s so quiet.

These rocks and boulders are located in the leftmost side of the beach and it’s a good spot to spend the afternoon in.  You can get a good view of the sunset alongside the quite rush of sea water beneath your toes.

Past the houses after the shoreline lies the amazing forests and mountains of Mindoro.  We were lucky to have had the chance to tour this mountain going to Aninuan Falls as it was another wonderful scenery.  Tour cost us only 100 Pesos each.

This is the Aninuan Falls.  It is one of the well known waterfalls in Mindoro together with the Tamaraw Falls.  We were only able to go here but we’ll make sure to visit Tamaraw next time.  The water was so COLD!  but it was so relaxing after an hour or so of trekking.

Aside from the tour, there were also good finds in the beach like these Mangyan Weaving Baskets.

What is beach bumming without these colorful accessories to brighten your outfit?  Vendors can customize these for you too at 50-100 Pesos each.  It’s pretty expensive but it’s nice help these kind vendors out. 🙂

The food for me is OK.  I would suggest that you lower your expectations when it comes to Puerto Galera food.  There’s nothing really special but many food outlets here are quite affordable.  With meals from 100-150 Pesos, you won’t go wrong and it’s fair enough.  This establishment was pretty famous in the island because of their Unlimited Garlic Rice offering and it’s also open 24 Hours.

They have a wide variety of rice meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  All rice meals are valid for their Rice-All-You-Can promo.

Most of their rice meals come with a Salted Egg and a Fresh Tomato on the side.

This Pork Steak Rice bowl costs 120 Pesos and their breakfast meals range from 99 Pesos to 150 Pesos.

Another thing unique about their food stall is their Iced Tea by the Gallon.  It’s cold Iced Tea served on a Gallon jug for you and your friends to share.

This costs 145 Pesos and it is good for 4-5 People.

On the beach, they have these cute Jetski Tables made of old unused Jetskis.

The following day, we were craving for some seafood after 2 consecutive meals in Food Trip.  We stumbled upon this little restaurant by the beach and they sell pretty good seafood dishes.

We had their crispy Calamari which costs 250 Pesos.  Pretty expensive for Calamari though..

We also had Pork Sisig (combination of Pork cuts seasoned and sizzled in a hot plate) at 150 Pesos

Lastly, we had this odd Sizzling Hotdog (seasoned Hotdog cuts) at 100 Pesos

This might be weird but it was surprisingly good.  Not bad for 100 Pesos!  I must say that they serve their food pretty well and these dishes come with a free cup of rice each.  Satisfying!

All in all our stay at Puerto Galera was good enough.  We had a wonderful time and we were able to take amazing photos so it was worth it.  We’ll definitely go back here when there is a chance.  It’s another great spot to de-stress and just relax without the hassle of long travel.

You can find out more about Puerto Galera, Mindoro by visiting this site.

Crave Rave : Disney Confections

Someone really awesome sent us this lovely Disney Butter Cookie assortment from Tokyo Disneyland.

It smelled so good and fresh when we opened it..

No one would dare destroy this lovely arrangement but when we got a taste of the plain Mickey-Minnie-Donald-Daisy Butter Cookies on the centre, we just can’t stop..  Literally..

Here’s what’s inside:

Mickey, Mickey, and more Mickey!

They’re just too cute to eat!

We saved this last and biggest piece that has the Disney castle on it.

If only Disney is just a cartwheel away… I would definitely have this all day.. (rhymes!)

Central Park Goodness

I feel really bad that this amazing restaurant was only our second choice that night because our first pick was full (jam-packed!).  I just want to smack myself for judging the place by the way it looks and the amount of people dining.  Don’t get me wrong, there were lots of people too but it’s nothing compared to the “first pick” where people were actually banned to step inside.  I just thought about what my dad use to say, you’ll know a restaurant is good if there are many people dining in.  In Central Park Restaurant‘s case, there’s a huge exception to that rule.

The service crew were very friendly and accommodating which is also why we were convinced to dine here.  Considering the amount of people dining in, their service was good and quite fast.  We got our orders in less than 15 minutes time.  Talk about a true Chinese fastfood experience!  We were pleased with the good start, and the free hot tea that they served.  But we were happier when we got to taste their food.  Here’s what we had..

Roast Pork Asado Rice Toppings

This was sooo good!  I had no regrets in getting this one. 🙂

Lechon Kawali Rice Toppings

Like the Asado, this was equally good too.  If not for the surreal amount of fat in that pork, we would have eaten every bit of it.  Remember, health comes first! haha

Central Park Special Dimsum

Ok, sorry, I totally forgot what this one was called.  They did name it after their restaurant but I’m not sure about that ‘Special Dimsum’ part.  Anyway, I thought about it because this one is really special.  It’s such a different way to serve pork dumplings.

It consists of the usual pork dumpling mixture with different varieties of vegetables and spices to make it unique.  What’s odd is that instead of the usual dumpling wrapper, they used ham to wrap the dumpling meat up.  They also have the same version except they used bacon as wrapper.  It’s a great idea to give your homemade dumplings a new twist.

We had the best meal of day and I’m really glad we went here.  We could’ve also ordered their yang chow rice since it looked so yummy but we’ll have leftovers for sure.  Value for money is great because their dishes, especially their rice toppings are pretty affordable.  Their rice toppings were priced from 100-150 Pesos per meal which is already a great deal considering the food tastes really gooood. 🙂

The interior looks nice with this huge wall art.  Everyday Fresh!

The place was quite small but it was enough to accommodate hungry tourists and visitors.  We’d definitely go back here when we’re in Baguio again and I hope you guys try it out too!

Central Park Restaurant
Kisad Road, Carino Street, Baguio City 2600, Benguet
Visit their Facebook Page. 🙂

The Newbie Seeks Help..

Behind every successful blog is a band of great followers and readers that support the blogger’s passion through interest and appreciation.  I’ve been truly blessed to have known a few awesome bloggers that really served as an inspiration to a newbie foodie blogger like me.  To top that, I’m so happy at how my blog is progressing as I get a few good feedback every now and then.  Food has been my passion for so long now and I’m very excited to continue on this wonderful journey that I’ve started.  Work has been pretty harsh this past few weeks but I always make it a point to share some good stuff if given the chance.

I have a long long long way to go in this adventure and I’m really excited to hear what other people think about The Foodscrapbook.  It’s very very new and it needs major improvement (major!) as it seems.  With that being said, I’m reaching out on every blogger or reader out there to give feedback and some sort of guidance on how I can lead this adventure to better and greater heights.      Any advice, comment, correction, and tip will be greatly appreciated (keep them coming as my room to grow is pretty big!).  My number one priority is to give back to my readers by sharing this gastronomic journal and what better way to improve than to hear from others about their perspective on The Foodscrapbook and food blogging in general.

These past few weeks/months have been FUN!  I got to know other foodies, stumble upon fantastic blogs, interact with other bloggers, and best of all, learn from them (a lot!).  It goes with saying, Blogging is not rocket science, it’s about being yourself, and putting what you have into it.

I hope to hear from you soon! 🙂


Nothing Beats Their Old Sizzle!

Going back to Baguio, our foodscapade continues as we visit another fave restaurant in the city.  True to it’s slogan, nothing really does beat the ol’ sizzle of Sizzling Plate Baguio as it is known to be one of the best sizzling stops in the summer capital.  Plus points for us since this restaurant is just across the hotel that we stayed in last month (wee!).  People flock over just to get a taste of their various Sizzling Plate specials and for this season, we do have to hustle.  To give you an idea of how crazy Baguio went on last month, here’s a good snapshot:

Need I say more?  But don’t be scared, we did have fun.  Festivals are indeed fun here in the Philippines. 🙂

Going back to Sizzling Plate Baguio was very heartwarming since we did really miss the food here.  We came a bit early for dinner that’s why there were only a few people.

The wooden interior gives a good western-ish theme to the place and it keeps it kinda warm given the chilly weather outside.  People started piling up minute after minute until it was actually dinner time.  All of their sizzling dishes come with free mushroom soup which is a perfect pair to your steak.

The cow doesn’t look to be happy.. obviously.. haha

We both had Tenderloin Steak served two ways.  One is the classic cut..

This time with gravy (yum!).  I had this medium cooked because I don’t want my beef all dried up.

another is called Tenderloin Bits where it’s cut into smaller pieces and served with veggies (excuse the blurry photo)..

It was really good and a very nice way to heat up in the cold Baguio climate.  We loved this restaurant so much that we went back the following day.  This time, we had a different set of orders.  I went for their Australian Beef Porterhouse Steak and I was so happy that it turned out pretty well.

The beef was so soft and fresh.  A true Australian quality beef!

We also had their Salisbury Steak which was definitely yummy.

It even tasted better with that egg on top (sorry, the egg is covering the pattie..).  You’ll never go wrong here because they serve the freshest and finest choice of meat cuts everyday.  Value for money is fair enough since their food prices range from just 100+ up to 200+ per meal.  Their Australian Beef servings usually cost 200+.

Sizzling Plate Baguio has three branches and my favorite is the one in Abanao Extension, Cariño Street.  There’s also one along Session Road and another in SM City Baguio.  I had a bit of a bad experience with the one in Session Road because the staff wasn’t very accommodating and they served me with chewy steak.  Because of that, we said that we’ll always go to their biggest branch in Abanao.

Sizzling Plate Baguio is open daily from 10 AM to 9 PM and you may visit their branches below.  Happy Sizzling! 🙂

Sizzling Plate – SM
Lower Ground Floor Entertainment Area
Upper Session Rd., Luneta Hill, Baguio City
Tel. no. (074) 619-0826
Sizzling Plate Cariño
135 Abanao Extension cor. Cariño St., Baguio City
Tel. no. (074) 443-8486
Sizzling Plate Session
86 Session Road, Baguio City
Tel. no. (074) 442-4219

Crave Rave : Blueberry Waffles by Red Mango

It’s waffle time!

I’m totally in love with this Blueberries n’ Cream Waffle with Yogurt on top (cute heart-shaped waffles).  It’s one of those oh-so-yummy ways to enjoy your favorite Red Mango fro-yo!  Waffles were freshly made so I enjoyed the hot + cold sensation due to their lovely original frozen yogurt.  They also have Banana Almond Waffle and Green Tea Waffle (healthy!) which you can top with a selection of yogurt flavors and toppings.

Beautiful isn’t it? haha  and that cream on the side complimented it pretty well.  At 125 Pesos, the serving is fair enough given that the combination tastes so good.  Although, they could have made the waffles bigger (more waffles for me!).

Know more about Red Mango (Branches, Menu, Promos) here. 🙂

Blast from the Past at 50’s Diner

If you have read my previous blogs here and here, you’re probably aware that I’ve been on a short trip recently.  We went to our now fave chill spot, Baguio and it continues to just amaze us everytime.  I admit, I’ve added a few pounds yet again to my exercise-lacking bod. hahaha  I know, I’ll start to live right, I SWEAR!  To prove that, I’ve just signed up for the free Zumba class here in the office next week.  (wish me luck, really..)

Glenn’s 50’s Diner marked our first stop as we had our brunch that morning.  We arrived in Baguio at around 11 am after 7 hours in the bus and it was too early to check in the hotel so we decided to eat first.  50’s Diner is one of our many favorite restaurants in Baguio so we never fail to visit each time we’re there.

The name itself and the exterior is a major giveaway to what this restaurant is all about.  It has been named as one of the famous snack bars/restaurants in Baguio not just because of the way it looks but also because of the delicious yet affordable food they serve.

Interior-wise, the place looks very much vintage just like how it looks from the outside.  There’s a bar at the side where their famous milkshake or ice cream shake is prepared.  Aside from milkshakes, they also serve fresh fruit shakes and what better way to start the morning with a refreshing Ripe Mango Shake.

As you wait for your food to be served, you may feast your eyes on the wall decorations and the interior design since you won’t see many of them here in Manila or there in Baguio.  Feels like a 50’s flashback you never had!

For this one, we ordered light meals that were not too light because of their large portion.  Most of their dishes here, although set for solo, are more likely to be shared by two since they really are big in serving.  Here is where I saw the biggest club sandwich I have ever seen up to date.  Too bad I don’t have a photo because I did not dare order it knowing I will be consumed by it instead of the other way around. hahaha

We had Fish and Chips (cream dory fillet + potato fries)

and Pork Cordon Bleu (which somehow tasted like chicken..)

Please excuse the bite, someone was pretty hungry… haha

So far, these two tasted good.  Given that these are affordable, the taste was fairly justified.  I’ve tried some of their dishes before, some were OK,  some were good, but it’s best to just be the judge of it yourself.  All I know is that I keep coming back because it’s quite cheap, simple, and I love their milkshake!  Here’s a glimpse of their menu:

After that fulfilling meal, we were set to conquer the day. haha  We just loved the cold summer breeze in Baguio so much that we decided to stay outside of the diner for a while before going back to the hotel.

This red vintage car never leaves this spot!  Cute right?  This is probably owned by Glenn too, who knows.

If you’re looking for affordable food, or a worthy snack bar in Baguio, be sure to drop by 50’s Diner. 🙂

GLENN 50’s Diner is located in Baguio along General Luna Road (near Teacher’s Camp, Leonard Wood Road).  They have a new branch along the Military Cut-off Road.  Just tell the cab driver to take you there. 🙂

Burger Avenue : Home of the Ridiculous Burger

Ridiculous, one word and a rather unusual way to describe food, is a fair enough justification to what Burger Avenue has to offer.  A lot of things might come into mind when you say Ridiculous Burger but the real deal about it is what makes it unique in it’s own way.

What is the Ridiculous Burger?  Freshly grilled ALL beef triple patty sandwiched on an oatmeal bun laced with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes and three cheese slices.  The challenge?  Finish it all up in 5 minutes and it’s FREE!

This might sound like an amazing deal but wait till you actually try the challenge.  I haven’t done it myself because I know for sure that I won’t be able to pull it off but I’ve seen some who did and you can just see the pain in their faces as they race through time trying to prove themselves.  Kudos! to those who were able to win it especially those who did it in only a minute or so (talk about skills!).

Aside from the famous Ridiculous Burger, most of the other burgers that we tried were really good.  We love this place because they are open until past midnight and it’s perfect for after those stressful long nights in the office when most of the other good restaurants are already closed.

They have a wide assortment of burger and sandwich creations in their menu which I’m sure are all good to try.

We had my favorite that evening, the Garlic Cream Cheese Burger

and the Cheese Steak Salpicao Sandwich, which is their version of the Cheese Steak and Beef Salpicao combined.  This one is really good and I recommend this one as a must try!

Both of these delicious sandwiches were paired with the best burger buddies in the world, Fries and Onion Rings!

Value for money is great and they have Jr. and Regular sizes for some burgers.  This gives you the option to go for the portion that suits you best so that you’re not bitin or you don’t overeat as well.

Their place looks quite cozy since they are occupying a pretty small space but it accommodates enough customers.  Behind this wall is their kitchen.  Burgers are flame-grilled by the way. 🙂

Notice the hearts on the walls?  Valentines Decorations!  I’d give them A for Effort. haha

Here we have their sort of wall of fame for those brave souls that won the Ridiculous Challenge.  You can see the photos posted in the corner.

Again, we had a fun evening well spent here in Burger Avenue.  I must say that we do tend to go back here every once in a while especially when the craving for Burgers hit us like a rock. hehe

Burger Avenue is located in The A Venue Mall along Makati Avenue and in the Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City.  For delivery, call 729-91-08.  See terms in their website.