Crave Rave : Blueberry Waffles by Red Mango

It’s waffle time!

I’m totally in love with this Blueberries n’ Cream Waffle with Yogurt on top (cute heart-shaped waffles).  It’s one of those oh-so-yummy ways to enjoy your favorite Red Mango fro-yo!  Waffles were freshly made so I enjoyed the hot + cold sensation due to their lovely original frozen yogurt.  They also have Banana Almond Waffle and Green Tea Waffle (healthy!) which you can top with a selection of yogurt flavors and toppings.

Beautiful isn’t it? haha  and that cream on the side complimented it pretty well.  At 125 Pesos, the serving is fair enough given that the combination tastes so good.  Although, they could have made the waffles bigger (more waffles for me!).

Know more about Red Mango (Branches, Menu, Promos) here. 🙂


One response to “Crave Rave : Blueberry Waffles by Red Mango

  1. I love the waffles of Red Mango too! And we’re the same–I go nuts for their blueberry variant! Though yes, it’s a bit expensive so I only buy this if I’m ready to splurge. Most of the time I just go for the yogurt.

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