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Crave Rave : Disney Confections

Someone really awesome sent us this lovely Disney Butter Cookie assortment from Tokyo Disneyland.

It smelled so good and fresh when we opened it..

No one would dare destroy this lovely arrangement but when we got a taste of the plain Mickey-Minnie-Donald-Daisy Butter Cookies on the centre, we just can’t stop..  Literally..

Here’s what’s inside:

Mickey, Mickey, and more Mickey!

They’re just too cute to eat!

We saved this last and biggest piece that has the Disney castle on it.

If only Disney is just a cartwheel away… I would definitely have this all day.. (rhymes!)


Crave Rave : Blueberry Waffles by Red Mango

It’s waffle time!

I’m totally in love with this Blueberries n’ Cream Waffle with Yogurt on top (cute heart-shaped waffles).  It’s one of those oh-so-yummy ways to enjoy your favorite Red Mango fro-yo!  Waffles were freshly made so I enjoyed the hot + cold sensation due to their lovely original frozen yogurt.  They also have Banana Almond Waffle and Green Tea Waffle (healthy!) which you can top with a selection of yogurt flavors and toppings.

Beautiful isn’t it? haha  and that cream on the side complimented it pretty well.  At 125 Pesos, the serving is fair enough given that the combination tastes so good.  Although, they could have made the waffles bigger (more waffles for me!).

Know more about Red Mango (Branches, Menu, Promos) here. 🙂

Crave Rave : Shakey’s Half and Half

When it comes to fast and on-the-go pizza, Shakey’s would have to be my ultimate favorite.  I like it especially THIN and crispy so I get to savor every bit of each toppings and I don’ t get full that quick.  We’ve been dining in Shakey’s for ages and I feel kinda lame that I just found out about the Half and Half pizza just recently.  We always come across the dilemma of picking the pizza flavor even though we only have either Manager’s Choice or Pizza Bianca.  I’m so glad that they thought of doing Half and Half and that we don’t have to choose anymore because we can have both!

Now, does that look delicious or what?  Pizza Bianca (creamy white sauce pizza) on top, Manager’s Choice (Shakey’s #1 Flavor) in the bottom.  I’m lovin’ their pizza plate too (cute)!  This one is in Large size selling at P313.oo because it’s thin crust.  For the two flavors that you picked, they will take the price of the more expensive one.  Lucky us, both flavors have the same price. 🙂

You may check Shakey’s Website for their complete menu, branches, and delivery.  There are lots of Shakey’s all over the Metro so you sure won’t miss it!

Crave Rave : Mochiko Mochi Ice Cream

Ice cream has always been my fave comfort food eversince I can remember.  I know most of us just have a weak spot for these creamy and cool concoctions (even though it makes our clothes and we just can’t resist having them once in a while.  As I’ve blogged here before, Mochi Ice Cream is one of the cutest, most delicious, and unique versions of ice cream I’ve ever tasted.  I’m glad we can now just grab them like candy as they are now available in most stores and supermarkets.  One of the best brands of Mochi Ice Cream that I’m so much fond of is Mochiko.  They have 12+ different flavors including Azuki, Black Sesame, and Green Tea!  Aside from these, they also make new flavors depending on a special occasion like Valentines Day, where they recently made the limited edition Vanilla Rose flavor.

We found about Mochiko via Mercato Centrale.  It’s one of Manila’s famous Midnight Food Markets where lots of people flock over to get a taste of the many varieties of delicacies, desserts, and drinks (too many choices, too little stomach space!).  Mochiko has been dubbed as a Certified Mercato Favorite.  These cute little babies sell for P70 each/P400 for 6 pcs.

My favorite flavors from Mochiko are the Strawberry..

..and of course, Caramel!

Cool right?  And they also have an awesome slogan saying, “Good things come to those who wait“.  This is because you have to wait for a few minutes until the mochi is soft enough to the touch before eating it to have that perfect Mochiko experience.  My mouth waters just thinking about it!

Mochiko is available in these following branches: 

Mercato Centrale
Bonifacio Global City 
Unit 3, Cliffhouse Tagaytay
Maharlika East, Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City
FICC Summer Cafes
– Alabang Town Centre (GF, near the cinema)
– BF Paranaque (#40 Aguirre Ave)
– Boracay (D’Mall Plaza)
– Marquee Mall Angeles (2F, below the cinema)
– Subic Freeport Zone
Check out their Facebook page to know more about Mochiko as well as new and upcoming branches.

Crave Rave : Little John’s Baby Back Ribs

Again, I profess my love for baby back ribs.  They’re just so irresistible!  (especially when they’re cooked perfectly plus a well made sauce to top it off) This time I go for Little John’s Baby Back Ribs with rice and coleslaw on the side.  You just can’t get enough for sure.  Most of the diners here order the same thing, Baby Back Ribs!

Little John’s Convenience Post is located at Camp John Hay and it serves the BEST baby back ribs in Baguio.  It’s quite a cozy (with the homey feel) restaurant given the small space and cute wooden interior.  They also have this wall of fame kind of thing consisting of drawings that past customers made with their place mats.  For each table, they have a wooden cup that has several crayolas for you to doodle around in your newsprint paper place mat.  Kiddie stuff but adults enjoy it for sure.  Most of the best artworks were displayed in their restaurant.

Whenever we’re in Baguio, we make sure to drop by Little John’s just to get a good dose of their superb baby back ribs. 🙂  Aside from that, they also have a wide selection of meals (mostly American dishes) that are also good.  Value for money is OK since the meals are quite cheap and the taste is all worth it.  (Meals would cost around P200 ($5))

Crave Rave : Sausage McMuffin

Second Hong Kong craving, McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin.  I’m not sure why since we do have Sausage McMuffin here in the Philippines too (and it pretty much tastes the same) but there’s just something about HK’s version that makes it taste better.  Hoping it’s the good stuff though! haha

Crave Rave : Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese by Happy Lemon

Got these at Happy Lemon – The One Shopping Centre in Hong Kong.  Glad that they have the supersized cup as we only have the medium cup here in Manila.  More CHEESE for us! 🙂

Double Happy!

Crave Rave : Racks Baby Back Ribs

Definitely the BEST ribs in town for taste and value for money.  I love it with mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and garlic bread. 🙂  Here we have it with corn and carrots and corn bread instead.


<burrrrp> YUMMY!!!

Check out the Racks restaurant nearest you.