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Major Backlog, YES!  It’s been a very long while since my last post and I hate myself for not being able to update this as much as I should.  I’ve been too busy lately that I haven’t got the luxury to fill up this newbie blog of mine.  Anyway, I’ll have loads prepared in the coming days so stay tuned!  See ya 🙂


The Newbie Seeks Help..

Behind every successful blog is a band of great followers and readers that support the blogger’s passion through interest and appreciation.  I’ve been truly blessed to have known a few awesome bloggers that really served as an inspiration to a newbie foodie blogger like me.  To top that, I’m so happy at how my blog is progressing as I get a few good feedback every now and then.  Food has been my passion for so long now and I’m very excited to continue on this wonderful journey that I’ve started.  Work has been pretty harsh this past few weeks but I always make it a point to share some good stuff if given the chance.

I have a long long long way to go in this adventure and I’m really excited to hear what other people think about The Foodscrapbook.  It’s very very new and it needs major improvement (major!) as it seems.  With that being said, I’m reaching out on every blogger or reader out there to give feedback and some sort of guidance on how I can lead this adventure to better and greater heights.      Any advice, comment, correction, and tip will be greatly appreciated (keep them coming as my room to grow is pretty big!).  My number one priority is to give back to my readers by sharing this gastronomic journal and what better way to improve than to hear from others about their perspective on The Foodscrapbook and food blogging in general.

These past few weeks/months have been FUN!  I got to know other foodies, stumble upon fantastic blogs, interact with other bloggers, and best of all, learn from them (a lot!).  It goes with saying, Blogging is not rocket science, it’s about being yourself, and putting what you have into it.

I hope to hear from you soon! 🙂


Fruity Pebble Macarons by The Novice Chef

I just can’t resist sharing this newfound blog that I have tons of fun reading because Jessica is just too amazing!  She has many many recipes on her blog, The Novice Chef, but this sort of recent one is totally worth passing on.

I’ve been seeing (and have been absolutely attracted to) Macarons in most of the classy pastry shops here in Manila but I never tried it, not once before because it’s just too expensive (yeah I know, I’m cheap like that).  But a friend of mine once gave me a Vanilla Macaron and that just ended my cheap-ass-ness. haha  Now, everytime I pass this pastry shop, I just have to buy at least two pieces of different flavors!  They might be small in proportions but they fill your mouth just SO much that you keep asking for more.  Thank God I’m kinda watching my diet (as if) and my budget. lol

This recipe from Jessica of the Novice Chef is extraordinary since she used cereal to spice up the classic Macaron.

How I wish I can be a talented chef or pastry chef or whatever in the future.  I’d really love to try making these but as she mentioned in her post, Macarons are really tough to make.  It takes time, a great amount of patience, experience, and of course talent to be able to create a perfect batch.  For now, I’ll settle with looking at them and imagine eating them. hahaha

Here’s the recipe from thenovicechef:

Fruity Pebble Macarons

Yield: 24 Macarons

Macarons are always a hit with their crisp crusts and soft, chewy insides…but once you add the childhood favorite of Fruity Pebbles they are out of this world!


For the Fruity Pebble Macaron shells:

75 grams powdered fruity pebbles, sifted **
75 grams almond meal, sifted
200 grams powdered sugar, sifted
100 grams aged egg whites
28 grams granulated sugar
5 grams powdered dehydrated egg whites

For the Fruity Pebble Buttercream:

1 stick (1/2 cup) butter, room temperature
1/2 cup powdered fruity pebbles (about 1 1/2 cups run through the food processor)
1 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


For the Fruity Pebble Macaron shells:

Line two large baking sheets with parchment paper or a silpat.

In a medium bowl, sift together powdered fruity pebbles, almond meal, and powdered sugar. Set aside.

In a stand mixer, whisk egg whites at medium-low speed until it starts to foam like bubble bath water. Begin slowly sprinkling in the granulated sugar and powdered egg whites as you beat. Then increase the speed to medium and beat until a firm meringue forms.

Remove meringue from stand mixer, and gently fold in the dry ingredients (fruity pebble mixture) with a rubber spatula. You will have to break the meringue to do this, but be careful not to overmix. To test the batter: Place a small amount of the batter on a plate. If the tops flattens on its own you are good to go. If there is a small beak, give the batter a couple more folds.

Using a pastry bag with a plain round tip, pipe small rounds onto prepared baking sheets. Leave an inch between macarons to allow for the batter to spread. Once all the macarons have been piped, pick up the baking sheet with both hands, and holding it level, tap it firmly onto the counter several times. This will bring up any air bubbles in the cookies. Then let the cookies sit for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the humidity levels. You will know they are ready to go into the oven when you can touch the tops without it sticking to your finger.

Once the macarons are ready, preheat the oven to 290 degrees. Bake for 18-20 minutes, or until they easily pop off the parchment paper (or silpat). Remove macaron shells immediately from baking sheet and cool on a wire rack. Once cooled, fill with desired filling and store in an airtight container, in the refrigerator, for 24 hours. Then let warm to room temperature before eating.

For the Fruity Pebble Buttercream:

Cream the butter, vanilla and powdered fruity pebbles in the bowl of a stand mixer. Slowly add the powdered sugar and scraping down the sides and bottom of the bowl thoroughly after each addition. Pipe onto a cooled macaron shell and sandwich with another shell, repeat until all shells are used.

**To turn Fruity Pebbles into powder, puree in a food processor (or blender). Be sure to sift the powder to ensure there are no missed pieces. Also, weigh the Fruity Pebbles AFTER being processed in the food processor, not before. 


Awesome right?  It’d be great if you could share your Macaron-making experiences too!  Kudos to Jessica of The Novice Chef! 😀


Previously, over the weekend, my partner in crime and I casually dropped by the mall to get some stuff when we came across this fairly new Ice Cream shoppe in Mall of Asia.  Swensen’s has been in the market for over 60 years now and has established a great fame when it comes to ice cream.  Being the first to serve premium ice cream that’s all natural, you bet that you’ll never go wrong with it.  Good thing it’s now here in Manila. 🙂

This spot was the old Gloria Jean’s place in Mall of Asia.  It’s a fair size for an Ice Cream parlor and the interior is a refreshing view with it’s bright lights and a whole bar of different varieties and flavors of ice cream.  People seem to love the place as many customers drop by.

Their menu boasts of special renditions of Ice Cream by the scoop, Banana Splits, Classic Parfait, Fondues, and many more.

check out them cute waffle toppers! they come in plain and choco-dipped flavors

They also have more than 20 Ice Cream flavors + toppings to choose from!

Here’s what we got:

Strawberry Ice Cream with Bananas and Waffles on the Side (and whipped cream!)

Chocolate Everything 🙂

Sinful, YES! but their Ice Cream is delicious.  Value for money isn’t that bad.   I thought it was pretty expensive but it was totally worth the try.

This right here is ‘The Hurricane‘.  Now, sink your teeth into that! haha

How cute are these, huh??

“Ice Cream is my life since 1948” – Ice Cream Man, Earle Swensen

Swensen’s is located at the south wing of SM Mall of Asia near SM Department Store.

Crave Rave : Omakase Roll


I remember way back when I was not a Sushi fan that I had the slightest idea how these raw creations taste.  I’m the type of person who’s sometimes afraid to try new things especially when it comes to food.  But as the new year starts, I tend to change that for good.  Moving back, I was afraid to eat sushi or maki despite how temptingly delicious these Japanese dishes look.  But that changed when I got to taste these kind of dishes from Omakase.  Talk about the freshest ingredients and choice cuts, you’ll never go wrong with their Sushi and Rolls.  I was able to eat raw Tuna, Unagi, Salmon, etc but my fave is their Omakase Roll.  I love how pink the salmon on top is and of course how delicious it is.  Definitely a must try!

Check out an Omakase nearest you.  (I feel like I sound too commercial-y hahaha)

Crave Rave : Icebergs Mango Split


Split with a twist!  Mangoes in place of bananas with the same delicious ice cream of choice topped with whipped cream, almonds, peaches, and of course Cherries!  I’ve been ordering this for the past few visits in Icebergs and I just can’t get enough!

Sadly, since the holiday season is over, there’s no excuse to NOT watch my diet. hahaha

Icebergs has several branches all over the Metro.  Click here to know about it. 🙂

WOFEX 2011

Last August 3-6 2011 marked the biggest and grandest food fair of the year, the 2011 World Food Expo which was held back to back in the World Trade Center and the SMX Convention Center both in Pasay City.  Tons of foodies and exhibitors gathered for this fun-filled and burp-tastic event.  The event was of course a success as it showcased the most number of visitors, exhibitors, and sales generated.

What caught my eye here was the baking exhibit that most of the traders showed.  It’s really amazing how talented these people are.  First we noticed a confectionery store that not only sell the best baking needs but also have the best cake makers/decorators.  Here are some of the on-the spot creations that they did that day.  (please excuse the low res photos as I only used my old phone to take shots)

Butter Cream Birthday Cake

This one is truly remarkable as he was able to make an accurate replica of a dragon using just plain vanilla cream cake topper .

This would be perfect for Chinese New Year!

Other booths also offered baking/cooking classes at discounted prices.  I must admit, those classes are very expensive!  But I do wish to be able to take one in the future which will take much dedication to saving money (uh-oh!).  Just imagine being able to make these artistic confections on your own.

Cute Fondant Cake 🙂

They have lollipop cakes too!

Lots of other businesses of different varieties were also able to share their products to consumers and co-traders.  At the SMX Convention Center, there was a wedding cake exhibit/competition, and a bar tending competition, and of course the 2011 Philippine Culinary Cup.  The wedding cakes were just amaaazing!  This indeed was a well-worth it experience and I can’t wait to do this again. 🙂

I’ll be sure to make up for the lack of photos (so sorry!) on the next WOFEX happening this year.  Check this link out for more details and to register.  Hope to see you guys there!


My 2nth Birthday was a blast.  A blast of food and bad weather but all in all okay nonetheless.  For dinner, we decided to eat out at Hana.  Hana is one of the few restaurants in Little Tokyo located in Pasong Tamo, Makati.  Little Tokyo has been famous for being one of the best places in Manila that serves authentic Japanese food.  The place also has this ambiance that resembles a bit part of Tokyo thus the name Little Tokyo.  It’s not that hard to find given that you know the tos and froms in Makati.  You may read more about how to get there here.

Hana serves the BEST Takoyaki (IMO, or maybe for most people) in town.  Of all the Takoyakis I’ve eaten, this so far is the bomb.

Hana's Takoyaki - P120/6 pcs

We ordered a bunch to fill our Japanese food cravings and we can’t go by without ordering Sushi of course.

Hana's California Maki

And the night passes by as well as the yummy, savory, scrumptious food.  We also had a little seafood just to make the experience complete.

Hana's Ebi Gyoza

You’ll never go wrong with Tuna Salad and Yakisoba.

Hana's Spicy Tuna Salad

Hana's Yakisoba

To top it all off, we had some Beef Gyudon and Pork Shougayaki together with a deliciously cooked Crab Chahan.

Hana's Buta Shogayaki

Oh, the pleasures of birthdays and good (scratch that) amazing food.  Hana has definitely given justice to one of Asia’s pride in gastronomy.  Given that their food fits a good budget, it’s an all worth it experience.

See you again soon, HANA!

*visit Hana inside Little Tokyo in Pasong Tamo Makati

First things first

Hey All, Welcome to Foodscrapbook!  where we can always make time to talk about food, share ideas, be creative, and a lot of other fun stuff.  As a welcome gift from me to you, here’s a sweet flower cake topper!  (oops, sorry I had to take a bite..) Talk to you soon! v