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Crave Rave : Little John’s Baby Back Ribs

Again, I profess my love for baby back ribs.  They’re just so irresistible!  (especially when they’re cooked perfectly plus a well made sauce to top it off) This time I go for Little John’s Baby Back Ribs with rice and coleslaw on the side.  You just can’t get enough for sure.  Most of the diners here order the same thing, Baby Back Ribs!

Little John’s Convenience Post is located at Camp John Hay and it serves the BEST baby back ribs in Baguio.  It’s quite a cozy (with the homey feel) restaurant given the small space and cute wooden interior.  They also have this wall of fame kind of thing consisting of drawings that past customers made with their place mats.  For each table, they have a wooden cup that has several crayolas for you to doodle around in your newsprint paper place mat.  Kiddie stuff but adults enjoy it for sure.  Most of the best artworks were displayed in their restaurant.

Whenever we’re in Baguio, we make sure to drop by Little John’s just to get a good dose of their superb baby back ribs. 🙂  Aside from that, they also have a wide selection of meals (mostly American dishes) that are also good.  Value for money is OK since the meals are quite cheap and the taste is all worth it.  (Meals would cost around P200 ($5))