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Blogroll: Bakingdom

I remember browsing through lots and lots of websites and blogs long long ago looking for great recipes that I can try out.  Gotta be honest, I’m not a great cook but I do know food and I CAN cook delicious food.  Let’s just say that I’m an amateur and I learn by following recipes, watching and endless run of Masterchef Australia, reading books, and sometimes experimenting.  I got a huge inspiration from one foodblog that I have been following since I can remember.

Bakingdom is one unique blog that showcases baking recipes, tips, guides, and more with a cool personal touch.  Darla, the brainchild of Bakingdom thought about channeling her inner passion into this website so she can share her ideas with the rest of the world.  She’s a simple and artistic military wife living in the United States that has been an on and off professional cake decorator for over 10 years now and is also an amateur cook and pastry chef.  With cooking, baking, and cake decorating being very close to her heart, she creates amazing food may it be sweet or savory.

I myself have tried a couple of her recipes and they are a true gem.  Simple and easy to follow just as long as you have the right ingredients.  Some of her recipes come from old traditions wherein she adds a personal touch or a different kind of twist to make it more fun and interesting.

Here’s what she has to say about Bakingdom:

“Bakingdom is about having fun and exploring new, and old, recipes. It’s about good food, beauty, and knowing that ruling the kitchen is easier to do than you think. I’m simply here to eat, drink, and be merry, to try and find joy in the small things, and to have fun in this short life”

Some of my favorite recipes from her site are..


Crave Rave right here!  This is perfect for a movie marathon at home 🙂

Cinnamon Rolls

Anything cinnamon is a total fave of mine.  I like them better in smaller portions because it means more cinnamon and more cream!  Fun Fact:  Did you know that cinnamon is a good substitute for sugar?  If you want to sweeten your milk or coffee up a bit, add cinnamon instead of sugar.  Healthy option right here!

Chocolate Layer Cake

I haven’t tried any of her cake recipes yet simply because I haven’t even baked an actual cake before. (..on to my bucket list)  I know! I know! I will get into it soon as I have a nice new oven to bake with.  This one is special because of the thin layers that incorporate orange and chocolate.  This makes the cake more interesting.  And oh! Just look at those little fondant pumpkins!  Are they cute or what?

Aside from these, she also has “No Bake” recipes for those that don’t have enough time to stand by the oven.

Cinnamon Caramel Apples

Again with the cinnamon?  Well, you just can’t get enough of it!

Ice Cream

Oh yes! She does Ice Cream too!

Your eyes will truly feast by just the looks of these creations.  What more if you try them yourselves?  Visit Bakingdom from time to time to check on new recipes and to know more about Darla.  Don’t forget to share with her your experiences once you have tried her recipes.

The best of luck to you guys!

photo credits: Bakingdom

“Inspiring whimsical sweets & savory dishes” – Bakingdom | Darla Wireman