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Chateau 1771

My friends and I went on a dinner date last night at Chateau 1771 in Greenbelt Makati.  I’m not really used to eating at fine dining restaurants cause I’m just a cheap ass like that.  haha  Anyway, this one was an exception since one of my friends got promoted and it’s her treat!  (ahhh, the perks of having awesome ‘rich’ friends..haha)  The experience was worth the while although I didn’t get to enjoy it that much because I was not feeling well and I was sick to my stomach.  (too bad!)  I liked their interior as it was pretty nice for a classy fine dining restaurant.  One of my friends is going to get married at the end of the year so we had to restrict ourselves from eating too much because of her.

For starters, we ordered the big serving of Ceasar Salad.  I wasn’t able to take a photo since we all hurriedly dug in due to extreme hunger. haha  We ordered a nice variety of seafood, veggies, and poultry and it made up a light yet heartwarming meal.

Scallops Au Gratin

This is delicious!  I think this is my fave out of the 4 dishes we ordered.  They served fresh scallops and the size is quite big considering that most of our scallops here are small.

Pan Fried Chicken with Three Cheeses

I loved this chicken and mashed potato combination.  Yum!

Grilled Salmon with Balsamic Glaze

See?  Lightweight, right?  But since the servings are quite big, we still had a difficult time eating them all up.  We chose not to have dessert as we are already full but they have a great selection of sweets in their menu.  Famous among diners is their Fondue.

All in all, the experience was good.  It’s nice to be treated well in a fine dining restaurant by friendly and accommodating staff.  Value for money is fair enough for a classy restaurant.  I also love their kitchen since you can take a peek inside because of the glass panels covering the past.  Reminds me so much of Hell’s Kitchen. <wink> 🙂

photo source: http://www.tv.com

Chateau 1771 is located at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5.  Get a glimpse of their menu here.