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Crave Rave : Omakase Roll


I remember way back when I was not a Sushi fan that I had the slightest idea how these raw creations taste.  I’m the type of person who’s sometimes afraid to try new things especially when it comes to food.  But as the new year starts, I tend to change that for good.  Moving back, I was afraid to eat sushi or maki despite how temptingly delicious these Japanese dishes look.  But that changed when I got to taste these kind of dishes from Omakase.  Talk about the freshest ingredients and choice cuts, you’ll never go wrong with their Sushi and Rolls.  I was able to eat raw Tuna, Unagi, Salmon, etc but my fave is their Omakase Roll.  I love how pink the salmon on top is and of course how delicious it is.  Definitely a must try!

Check out an Omakase nearest you.  (I feel like I sound too commercial-y hahaha)