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Sango! The Burger Master

Sango, a Japanese word meaning Coral which I’m not quite sure how it relates to the restaurant but hey, the place looks really nice and inviting.  This was our second time to eat at Sango! in Powerplant Mall.  The place is quite cozy and unique because of its Japanese Anime theme.  When you first enter, you’ll get the impression that the place looks huge but then you’ll notice that it’s only because of the mirrors (good marketing technique <wink>).

(If you notice that there’s no one dining but us, that’s because it’s almost closing time..)  I loved their ‘Anime‘ corner with the LCD that shows Japanese anime (oh lookie..One Piece!) and a collection of Japanese manga.  I’m not sure if they allow you to grab and read one but it would be cool if they do! haha

The menu is OK, much like what you usually see in burger shacks but it has several varieties with a Japanese twist like the Teriyaki Burger, Katsu Burger, Curry Burger, and more.  They also serve a wide selection of Hotdog sandwiches, Rice Meals, Salads, and also Fries to pair with your burger.  Most of the burgers have a single serve and a double serve to give you an option based on your hunger level (and your capacity too).  You can check out their complete menu here.

I went for one of their best sellers which is the Yakiniku Rice Burger.  Though I’m not really a fan of Rice Burgers, I like how their Yakiniku Beef tasted.  I must admit, it was kind of hard to chow down the whole thing because the rice patties keep falling apart.  I ended up finishing it with a spoon and fork just like any ordinary Yakiniku Beef rice meal.  Glad I ordered it though!

We also had the Egg Teriyaki Burger and it was delicious too.

Value for money is OK since we really did enjoy what we ate and paid less than 500 bucks for it.  It’s something worth trying since there aren’t many Japanese Burger restaurants here in the Metro.

anatomy of the Master Burger

Sango! The Burger Master has branches in Makati (Powerplant Mall; Creekside Mall) and QC (Tomas Morato).  Be sure to check it out! 🙂