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Giant Tacos Anyone?

The last time we were in Subic, we stopped by a cafe that locals deemed famous in town and a definite must try.  With a name that’s very simple, The Coffee Shop in Olongapo isn’t best known for it’s Coffee but for their Humongous Tacos (no kidding!).  Okay, so their tacos aren’t called humongous tacos in their menu rather dubbed Jumbo Tacos (oh yes..).

We weren’t really expecting this big of a taco but what about that?  Jumbo Tacos indeed!  This was served with their homemade Hot Sauce and Sour Cream.  Add it up with their brewed Iced Tea shake and you have yourself a fulfilling meal right in front of you.  My plate looked like a battle aftermath when I was halfway into my taco (seriously, they’re messy to eat) and felt full already.  I had to rest it out for a few minutes before I started attacking again. hahaha

Aside from Tacos, they also serve Viands for Lunch and Dinner, salads, sandwiches, desserts, and of course coffee!  We tried out their clubhouse sandwich too (like the Taco hasn’t killed me yet).

This is yummy too!  In the end however, we were not able to finish everything up (i’m not on death row so I’m not going to eat like I am haha) so we had to pack it and take it home.  We’ll certainly go back to this place when we’re in Subic again. 🙂

The Coffee Shop is located in Barrio Baretto, Olongapo City.