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Previously, over the weekend, my partner in crime and I casually dropped by the mall to get some stuff when we came across this fairly new Ice Cream shoppe in Mall of Asia.  Swensen’s has been in the market for over 60 years now and has established a great fame when it comes to ice cream.  Being the first to serve premium ice cream that’s all natural, you bet that you’ll never go wrong with it.  Good thing it’s now here in Manila. 🙂

This spot was the old Gloria Jean’s place in Mall of Asia.  It’s a fair size for an Ice Cream parlor and the interior is a refreshing view with it’s bright lights and a whole bar of different varieties and flavors of ice cream.  People seem to love the place as many customers drop by.

Their menu boasts of special renditions of Ice Cream by the scoop, Banana Splits, Classic Parfait, Fondues, and many more.

check out them cute waffle toppers! they come in plain and choco-dipped flavors

They also have more than 20 Ice Cream flavors + toppings to choose from!

Here’s what we got:

Strawberry Ice Cream with Bananas and Waffles on the Side (and whipped cream!)

Chocolate Everything 🙂

Sinful, YES! but their Ice Cream is delicious.  Value for money isn’t that bad.   I thought it was pretty expensive but it was totally worth the try.

This right here is ‘The Hurricane‘.  Now, sink your teeth into that! haha

How cute are these, huh??

“Ice Cream is my life since 1948” – Ice Cream Man, Earle Swensen

Swensen’s is located at the south wing of SM Mall of Asia near SM Department Store.