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Vizco’s and the Famous Strawberry Shortcake

Wow, here I am with yet another Baguio foodscapade. 🙂 Baguio, along with Vigan (blogged about this here) has been my fave Northern destination because it’s so versatile when it comes to food.  You can go for several dishes may it be Filipino, Italian, Chinese, American, Mongolian, and a lot more because Baguio has it all.  We have visited this city several times now and it has been close to our hearts.

One of my favorite restaurants here in Baguio would have to be Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop.  Along with all the many restaurants and shops lined in the famous Session Road in Baguio, Vizco’s stand out because of their delicious cakes and pastries.  All-time favorite would have to be the Strawberry Shortcake.  As I blogged about here before,  Baguio holds the biggest strawberry farms in the Philippines.  The berries grow beautifully because of the cold weather.

See?  Fresh strawberries on top and bits of it on the center.  I just keep coming back for more!  If it weren’t for the 6-hour travel from Baguio back to Manila, I would have taken home a whole cake for sure.  haha

Aside from their lovely cakes (which I sadly wasn’t able to take photos of, fail!), they also serve the finest Pizza and Pasta.  We’ve had a couple of these during our first few visits but the last time, we had these..

Beef Stroganoff

So sorry I forgot what this pizza is called.. looking at it pretty much says everything about it though..  (reminds me of authentic Neapolitan pizza.. yum!)

Value for money is good since it’s not too expensive and yet their food is delicious (i must say).  Best to give it a try yourself when you get the chance to go to Baguio.  Session Road is Baguio‘s Central Business District  so you won’t miss it!

photo credit : life.georgeputong.com

The building you see here has been renovated so it looks so much better now.  Will take photos next time 🙂

We’ll be going back to Baguio this coming month-end because of their yearly Flower Festival or better known as Panagbenga.  I’ll take photos as usual so I can share them with you.  This is a fun event because townspeople and even tourists (mostly from Manila) all gather up to watch and join the festivities.  When we first came here, I found this site very helpful for all you need to know about Baguio.  To give you a glimpse of how many people flock over, here’s a photo from last year’s event:

Craaaazy right?? haha..  That’s what makes it more fun 🙂